4 Tips To Get Good Men Haircut When You Go To Barbershop

It’s not hard to get the best haircut, you just need to apply some tips that we will convey below. As a customer, you should be more proactive to advise the barbershop to get the most appropriate haircut that you like.

Here are 4 tips you can do when going to get the best haircut from barbershop.

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1.Tell Them When You Cut Your Hair

Most barber workers know how long a hair can grow. So, when you tell when the last hair cut, then they can easily imagine what your hair looks like at that time.

In this way, you can tell them whether they want to get the same haircut as before. Or want to get a different kind of haircut than you previously had.

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2. Explain About Your Lifestyle

Explaining about your lifestyle will make it easier for barber to know which hairstyle is most appropriate. So it doesn’t hurt to share and explain a bit about your life to them. You can explain to the barber about where you work, where you spend your time for fun, where you go on weekends, or anything else that you think can help them to understand what you love.

This way will help the barber to know what you like and give the haircut according to your personality.


3.Specify What You Want

The third way looks very simple, but most men don’t do it and don’t explain what kind of hairstyle they like.

A barber is not a person who can read a person’s mind, so explain in detail what you really want. Don’t just give a general idea of ​​what the desired hairstyle is like, because the result will be very different from what you want.

The solution is you can explain some details about what kind of haircut you want from a barber. You can explain about the length of hair that will be left like 1 cm, 2 cm, or 5 cm. This way will make it easier for the barber to use the appropriate scissors and equipment.

For those of you who have long hair, you should explain how much hair will be cut. This needs to be done, because most people prefer to cut hair on the bottom only. Cutting hair at the bottom will provide a more neat and professional look.

Explain the details when going to change long hair to short hair clearly. If you don’t want to change haircuts too much, then ask the barber to cut long hair in a natural way.

If you have thick hair and are difficult to adjust, then ask a barber to adjust the haircut. The trick is to attenuate most of the hair to be more easily set.

You can also describe the desired neckline, whether it wants a natural neckline or a square neckline on the back. The tapered neckline will follow your hairline naturally. Choose the neckline that best suits your desire and is suitable for use.

Some of the above steps may seem complicated and inconvenient to do. However, the benefit is for a hair barber to know exactly what you want.

4. Bring the Image You Want

The images that you carry will greatly help hair barbers visualize what they want. Images can also be a guide and make it easier for the barber to give you the best haircut.

The thing to note here is make sure you bring a picture of the hair you have. When you carry a picture of a hairstyle belonging to someone else, the result can be different. This is because each person has a different hair thickness, different textures, and hair lines are not the same.


It’s not hard to get a hairstyle to your liking. By applying the 4 steps above, then you can be sure you can get the hair style to your liking. Explain in detail to the hairdresser what you want.

First, explain when you last cut your hair. This will greatly help them to find out what kind of hair you last had. So they can easily provide haircuts that suit your liking.

If you don’t know what kind of hairstyle to match, then explain about the lifestyle that you live everyday. For example, about the work undertaken, where you often spend time on weekends, and so forth. This kind of information will make it easy for barber for hair to know which hairstyle best fits your personality.

If you want optimal results, then there is no harm in explaining what is specifically wanted. Starting from the desired hair size, how much hair to cut, and the desire of the other.

Or the easiest way is to bring the photo of hair style you want. Just look carefully and consult first with a barber. Because, not all hairstyles can match and fit your hair.

Thus information we can convey about 4 easy ways to get the haircut that best suits for you.

Hope can provide many benefits and inspiration!


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