5 Hair Care Tips for Black Men Hairstyles That You Should Know

A good hair style makes you look more attractive and confident. Therefore, it is important to do regular hair care, because hair that is not treated properly will look messy.

Here we will explain about how to treat black men hair style to avoid the problem like dry hair, hair loss, and other problems.

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1.Don’t Overuse Shampoo

Shampoo that too much makes short and black hair becomes drier. This can happen because most of shampoo contains a chemical called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).

SLS is a useful detergent to clean the hair. Thing that is not realized is this chemical can reduce natural oils that protect your hair and make hair easy to dry.

The solution is to use shampoo only once or twice a week. It is beneficial to maintain natural oils that are in your hair. Or it could be by choosing a free SLS shampoo to use.

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2.Use Moisturizers for Hair

Daily activities that you do can make hair dry and unhealthy. The solution to overcome this is to use oil that is applied to your hair roots. Applying oil to roots of your hair can help prevent dry scalp and make hair softer.

You can use almond oil or coconut oil to be applied to all parts of hair evenly. Apply oil to hair every day and when hair feels dry and brittle.

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3.Select a Suitable Hairstyle

There are so many hair styles that are suitable to use by black men. Make sure you choose a hairstyle that matches your face shape and hair type.

Don’t be too stiff with hair style, choose one that is easy to maintain and doesn’t require much care. You can consult or ask barber to get a hairstyle that fits and matches the type of hair and your face shape.

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4.Careful When Choosing Products

Choose hair care products that made for black men. This way can help you to get healthier and better hair. Black male hair is generally brittle and curly, that is why you need to use special products that match your hair type. Look for products that are alcohol-free and products that contain oil and moisturizers.

black men hair

5.Special Tips for Natural Hair

From the previous explanation it can be seen that black male hair is more difficult to regulate. This is because black male hair is more dry. The next problem is most of hair products on market are made for Caucasian hair. So it is quite difficult to find a hair care product that suits for black men.

No need to worry!

In the next discussion, we will explain how to care for natural hair of black men.

The first step is to wash your hair once a week. This is necessary because black hair is drier than other hair types. As explained above it is known that most shampoos contain SLS. These chemicals can make hair look drier. Thus, washing hair once a week is an ideal condition.

The second step is not too often rub your hair after bathing, because this can make hair more curly. Should pat hair by using a towel when it will dry your hair or you can also use a hair dryer.

The third step is to use a special hair gel made for black men hair. Hair gel is useful to maintain the hairstyle, you can also choose products made specifically for men with dry hair types.

The next step is to apply hair oil to hair every once a week to style your hair. Hair or pomade oil can help you to restore hair style. The thing to note here is not too much use oil on your skin, because it can cause acne.

The last step is not to use hot hair styling equipment such as hair straightener. You don’t have to make curly hair that you owned to be straight, you should keep the curly hair texture. Shown natural with curly hair is better, than have to use equipment that can damage your hair.

The conclusion is to treat dry hair and curly texture is not too difficult to do. You can use simple methods and techniques as we have mentioned above. Things that are needed include shampoo to make hair clean, towel to dry hair, oil to maintain hair moisture, and hair gel to maintain your hair style.

The thing to note is don’t wash your hair often with shampoo. Therefore, too often washing hair can make your hair dry. You also don’t need to use equipment to straighten hair, let your hair grow naturally and healthy.

Don’t forget!

Use products that  made specifically for black men to make your hair healthier.

By applying the 5 hair care techniques above, you can more easily get healthy hair. We hope the explanation given above can provide many benefits for you all.


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