6 Cool Haircuts for Kids Boys, Fade Styles!

6 Cool Haircuts for Kids Boys, Fade Styles! – When compared with a girls, boys tend to be more active and like physical activity. Therefore, they must use appropriate hairstyles to support the activities undertaken.

Active boys are perfect for short hair styles and do not require much care. In this explanation, we will try to explain about the 6 cool haircuts for kids boys that can apply.

Here’s the full explanation.

cool haircuts for kids boys

1.Higher Thick Hair

Short hair can still be made attractive and able to attract the attention of many people. One of the styles we recommend is the hairstyle above. All you need to do is ask the barber to cut short the side of the hair. Next, leave the top of the hair longer as an example above.

Let the hair on the top 3 to 4 cm in size to be formed using hair gel. When using this hairstyle, your child will look more attractive and cool. Not only that, they can also easily look neat.

This haircut can also be used to go to school.

Very attractive hairstyle to use!

2.Looks cool and interesting

This hairstyle is almost the same as the hair style we convey before. However, there are some differences that distinguish the two. These differences include hair color, hair length, and hairline.

Now, we will discuss about hair color first. This hairstyle requires you to paint the hair of a boy by using a brown color. Thus, your child will look striking and more attention by using this hairstyle. The important thing to note is that not all schools allow boys to paint their hair as in the example above. Instead, you understand well the school rules before using this hairstyle.

Furthermore, this style is also longer than previous hairstyles. In order to get this hairstyle, you have to cut the boy’s hair and let the length of about 4 – 5 cm.

The last touch is to ask the barber to make a straight line on the side like the example above. This will give your boys more appeal.

We strongly advise your child to use this hairstyle when going to a casual party.

Interested to use this idea?

3.Hair on the Left

This hairstyle is actually very simple and widely used by boys. It’s just that there are some differences that make this hair more attractive to look at. These differences include the use of hair gel and the side of a child’s hair.

This hairstyle requires boys to use hair gel to form hair like the example above. Next, they should comb the hair neatly and give a little style on the front of your hair.

Do not forget to cut short the side of the hair to look more neat and more attractive.

This hairstyle allows your child to use it in two events at once. They can use this hairstyle to go to school or can also be used to go to parties.

Neat and attractive simultaneously!

4.Cool Haircuts for Kids Boys That Looks Funky and Striking!

If you want your child to look more flashy and funky, it looks like you should use this one hairstyle. The important thing to note is make sure your child is not yet entering school age. Because, this hairstyle is not suitable for use when going to school.

You can come to the barber and ask the barber to give you a hairstyle on top. Cut the side of their hair to be thinner and let the top of the hair become longer.

Next, you can make a hairline on the side like an example above.

Looks interesting and unique!

5.Short Hair Style For Black Children

4 hairstyles described earlier is a hairstyle that is suitable for boys with straight hair. Black boys have different hair types, where their hair tends to be more rough and curly. Therefore, black boys need a slightly different hairstyle.

The thing you need to do is cut short on the side of the hair like an example above. Boys will look more neat and attractive by using this hairstyle. Not only that, this hairstyle is also very suitable for use by active boys and likes to play outdoors.

6.Mohawk Hair Style!

Looks like you are well acquainted with this one hairstyle. Therefore, this hairstyle is widely used by adult men. You can also apply this hairstyle to boys.

The thing that needs to be done is you can cut the thin side of the hair and let the top to the back of the hair is longer. It is important to remember, you must regularly cut the hair of a boy, because this hairstyle is very easy to look long. If you let the length, then the hair of a boy will look messy and unkempt.

Are you interested in implementing any of the above ideas?

6 ideas above is a boy hair style with a thinner side. Hairstyles above can make them look more neat and attractive. You can choose the most attractive hairstyle to apply to boys.

We hope the above information can provide many benefits to all of you who have read it. If you have any questions related to the above topics, please just ask us through the comments field below. We will be happy to answer any incoming questions to help with your concerns.

Good luck!


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