8 Good Haircuts for Women With Glasses, Looks Smart!

8 Good Haircuts for Women With Glasses – Women who use glasses often feel confused to determine a suitable hairstyle. They assume that the glasses used will disturb the appearance and make them look ugly. Though there are many hairstyles that are suitable for use by women with glasses.

Here we will explain to you all about 9 good haircuts for women that are suitable for women with glasses.

good haircuts for women

1.Hairstyles For Your Career

Women who have a position in a company and work as a career woman can use this one hairstyle. This hair style is very simple and not too difficult to be treated every day.

The thing to do is cut short hair like the example above. Do not forget to leave some hair in front as a bangs that can make your appearance look beautiful. Hairstyles like the above does not require a lot of troublesome maintenance. You just need to keep the hair hygiene with a routine to wash every 2 weeks.

hair style

2.Stay Attractive With Your Short Hair

When compared with the previous hairstyle, this one hairstyle look longer. Nevertheless, this hairstyle can still give the impression neat and charming to everyone who saw it.

If you have a wavy hair type, then using a hairstyle like the example above can be a very appropriate choice to do. Wavy hair will give a natural texture to your hair.

good haircuts for women

3.Beautiful Book Nerds

Hairstyles above prove that you can still look beautiful by using glasses. Things to note is the selection of the right hairstyle and the use of glasses in accordance with the shape of your face.

You need to make a bang on the front of your hair to make the look look neat and attractive. Furthermore, you can use the glasses that fit the face shape. We recommend you use glasses that have a medium lens and not too big.

haircuts for women

4.Good Haircuts for Women That Look Funky!

If you include people who like to attract the attention of many people, then this one hairstyle can be a very appropriate choice.

The thing you need to do is ask the barber to cut thin the side of the hair. Next, you can let the top of the hair stay long and look thicker.

The thing to watch out for when using the hairstyle as above is make sure you have the right type of hair. The type of curly hair is very difficult to get the hairstyle as above.

The solution, you can consult a barber to determine a suitable hairstyle.

women with glasses

5.Look Beautiful With Long Hair Style

Based on the above example, most hairstyles that are suitable for use by women with glasses are short hairstyles. If you do not want to have short hair and still want to use a long hair style, then you can use hairstyle like the example above.

Hairstyles above can easily give a charming look to anyone who uses it.

All you need to do is let the hair unravel naturally. If possible, you can make hair look more bumpy to be more interesting.

The final step, you can use glasses that have a large enough lens.


6.Look Good With Short Hair Style!

Women who have whites Skin are perfect for using hairstyles as above. The thing that needs to be done to get the hairstyle above is to paint the hair into brown.

You need help from a barber to get the hairstyle as above. You can show the desired haircut hairdresser and let them do their job. Do not forget to consult with a hairdresser to determine whether your hair type and facial shape is suitable to use the hairstyle above.

Another thing to note is do not ever use excessive makeup when using this hairstyle. Therefore, excessive makeup will interfere with your appearance and hair style.

7.Short Hair Style With Bangs

Bangs can make your appearance look more attractive and cute. Not to mention the glasses that you use, the display will look more beautiful.

Hairstyles like the example above is perfect for use by women who want to look neat and mature. This hairstyle is also very suitable for use when going to parties or attending formal events.

Interested to use this hairstyle?

8.Make People Fascinated With Your Hair Style

Short hairstyle can make your appearance look amazing and capable of dazzling everyone who sees. Short hairstyles like the example above can be one of the best options you can use.

You can ask the hairdresser to make short hair wavy. Furthermore, you can make bangs on the front of the hair to make the display look more attractive.

Next, you can use glasses that have a wide lens and do not forget to use red lipstick. Use natural makeup to support you get an increasingly fascinating look.

Which hairstyle do you like?

Based on the explanation we have mentioned above can be seen that good haircuts for women is perfect for using short hairstyle. Short hair style that is used can make you look neat and attractive. Not only that, short hair style huga very suitable for use in formal and informal events.

It is no less important is the short hair does not require excessive care. You just need to do a routine shampoo to keep hair hygiene every 2 weeks.

Hopefully the information we convey above can provide many benefits for you all who have read it.

Good luck!


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