Looks Attractive Using Hair Style, It’s 9 Cool Haircuts for Boys to Apply

9 Cool Haircuts for Boys to Apply – Looks interesting as a demands of the lifestyle of young people today. So it’s no wonder a lot of boys are starting to change their hairstyles to make them look more attractive.

In this discussion we will explain to you about 9 cool haircuts for boys that look interesting.

Here’s the full explanation.

cool haircuts for boys

1.Short Cut That Looks Neat

If you’re still in high school now, most schools have rules for their students to use a neat haircut. Thus, you can’t use a model with long hair style in school. The solution is to use short hairstyles that look attractive and neat. In order to look more attractive hair, you can make a hairline on the side of your head.

9 cool haircuts for boys

2.Cool Haircuts for Boys Who Have Curly Hair

Curly hair that is not treated will make your appearance look messy and unsightly. This one hairstyle is almost the same as the hairstyle we have mentioned above. The difference is that this hairstyle doesn’t use hairline as we demonstrated above.


3.Look Good With Easy

You who have straight hair can easily use a wide variety of hairstyles easily. Consult a hairdresser who will cut your hair relating to the most suitable hairstyle to use. Usually, the barber will consider the face shape and type of hair that you have before determining the most appropriate hairstyle.

Hairstyles above can be obtained by cutting short the side of your hair. Next step is let the top of your hair is thicker so you can cast it to the back

hair style

4.Short Hair that Looks Cool!

If you feel the hairstyle at the top is still long, then this one hair style can be applied for you.

The trick is you can ask the barber to cut short the side of your hair. Next let the top of the hair has a size about 3 cm, so you can shape it easily. You need hair gel or pomade to make this hair style look fresh and neatly arranged.

haircuts for boys

5.Hair Style For Straight Hair

If you don’t want to look neat as we have previously mentioned, there are other types of hair styles that can be used. This hairstyle is perfect for you who have a free and creative soul.

Cut short the side of your hair and let the top remain long and look messy. The thing that is advantageous when using this hairstyle is you don’tneed to use hair gel to make this hairstyle.

6.Free and Relax With Long Hair

If you have a desire to get a long hairstyle, but look interesting still, you can use hairstyle like the example above. Things to note here is a hairstyle this one is not suitable for use for those of you who have curly hair. This hair style is perfect for use by those who have hair with straight and wavy type.

When using this hairstyle, you just need to tidy up the side and back hair. Let the top of your hair longer and thicker to make it look more attractive.

7.Looks Strange, But Keeps Attractive!

This hairstyle has become a trend among young people today and has many artists and singers who use the hairstyle as above. This hairstyle combines the concept of nerds and funky into one hairstyle.

You just have to cut the short side to the back of the hair and let the top longer. This hairstyle will use bangs on the front that will make you look funny as well as interesting. This hairstyle is perfect for you who are aged from 15 to 25 years old only.

8.Match To Work and Go to Campus

If you work in a formal company and have a position that requires you to meet with many people, then this one hairstyle is very appropriate to use. This one hair style can easily make you look more presentable and make people who meet you more appreciate.

The more important thing is the short hairstyle as above is easier to care for. You only need to use hair gel and comb it neatly when going to work or meet with clients. Don’t forget to regularly clean the hair using shampoo at least 2 times a week. Don’t overuse shampoo because it can make your hair feel dry and easy to fall out.

9.Show Masculine With Good Hair Style

If there are boys who don’t really like messy looks or hairstyles that require intricate care. This choice of hairstyle can be the best solution for you to apply.

When using the hairstyle above, then you can easily make the appearance look more presentable and masculine. The more important thing is you don’t have to bother using hair care products when using this hairstyle. The thing to watch out for is you have to routinely trim the hair when the hair is long and not look neat.

Which cool haircuts for boys do you like?

There are 9 cool haircuts for boys that can make you look more attractive and cool. The important thing when choosing a hairstyle is you need to consult a barber to determine the hairstyle that suits your hair type and shape of your face. Never use a hair style that doesn’t fit your face shape and hair type.

Hopefully the information we convey above can provide many benefits for you all.


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